What’s so Funny?

To borrow the title for NYPL’s Bookfest 2007, which I attended, I wanted to include the good, bad, and ugly books that were on our discussion list for the book group. The BEST was The Schwa Was Here, Schusterman did a fantastic job of dancing through the issue of invisibility as a teen. Everyone feels invisible, but poor Schwa, I mean, even at the end Antsy wasn’t quite sure he could remember everything! Then, there was Sleeping Freshman Never Lie- good. Scott addressing his fetus-for-a-brother was fantastic in his “un-diary” diary entries. Then, there was the okay, Girl, 15, Charming But Insane by Limb and Bucking the Sarge by Curtis. I wouldn’t classify Curtis’ novel as “humorous,” but the way Luther takes everything in stride, makes it a light-hearted novel about very serious (and illegal) topics. And lastly, the worst, Thwonk by Joan Bauer. However, I won’t give up on Bauer, because I hear she’s got some pretty good stuff.


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