Sharon Flake

I’ve discovered yet another author that many of the young ladies enjoy reading: Sharon Flake. I picked up The Skin I’m In then Bang! I thought The Skin I’m In was so honest and raw that it really sticks out; I can see why it won the Coretta Scott King Award. My only problem is the abuse that goes on between friends– I wonder how much of that really goes on? The second book, Bang! was a little less influential. I thought it a bit far-fetched in places, but nonetheless inspiring. I could hurt the father at times, but what parent doesn’t want the best for their children?


2 thoughts on “Sharon Flake

  1. i fell in love with your books.the very first book i picked up was the skin I’m in.after i looked every were for them.i was not much of a reader be for i picked up your me and all my friends will sit and read every day together.your books thank you keep kids out of trouble.thank you Mrs.Sharon flake.

  2. nel says:

    i thought The Skin I’m In was reaaly good and… i do NOT think that the abuse goes on between friends….. but it was a really good book because that type of stuff usually goes on…..

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