Fairytale Fun

I’ve heard recommendations to read anything by Donna Jo Napoli, so I finally had the chance to pick up Zel, you know, short for Rapunzel, but of course I didn’t know that when I picked it up. But, I was pleasantly surprised to get so into this fractured fairytale that I can’t wait to pick up others by Napoli. What’s great about it, in a creepy sort of way, is that it’s not the happy-go-lucky story. Heck, if you were shoved into a stone tower that you couldn’t get out of, you wouldn’t be happy as can be??? Am I right? So, Napoli doesn’t write about a happy-go-lucky girl, and that’s why it’s so believable and enjoyable. Can you tell I’m not one for a happy ending just because it’s the happy thing to do?


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