Top Authors

I’ve talked already about some author’s whose books I await and who I love. Scott Westerfeld’s science fiction series is among those that I waited for also! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Specials, the third installment of Tally’s experiences in the enchanting world of being a pretty– or trying to break free of it’s clutches. I’ve also seen many schools adopt Uglies, the first book, as a school-wide read to teach tolerance among other themes. And the second book that connects the aforementioned Uglies and Specials? You guessed it, Pretties. Maybe it’s Westerfeld’s easy style, but there’s just something about it…


One thought on “Top Authors

  1. Luna-la says:

    O.K I love Scott Westerfeld. All of his books are so happy making. Well actually most of them make me cry, but they are great books. My favorite series of his is probably UGLIES, and EXTRAS was awesome. My next favorite book of his is the Midnighters series.
    p.s I so wish i had a hoverboard

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